QR code on Android

How to download an application using a QR code on Android

As many of you will know, the QR code (quick response, “quick response”) is a module that stores information, and that the user can discover through the appropriate hardware and software. In the case of mobile telephony, with the help of the camera of the device and an application, this information can be easily accessed, usually being web links to which we will be directed, or applications to download. They are usually seen in magazines, in advertising pamphlets or in newspapers, and also within the web pages themselves, for example, downloading an application reading with our mobile the QR code that appears on the screen of our computer.

However, the necessary application does not usually come pre-installed on Android phones, and therefore, today we will show you what kind of apps you have to download on your smartphone or tablet to access the content stored by these QR codes. But first, a video to learn more about them:

QR code readers for Android

The first step will be to download the necessary software. In Google Play we can find many alternatives to read QR codes from an Android device. Then, we leave some of the best valued by users, all free:

How to read QR codes on Android

Once downloaded one of the mentioned apps or any other that is valid, its use will be very simple. We just have to open it and in doing so, most of them will activate the camera of our terminal automatically, and we will see a very simple interface. Next, we must place the objective as indicated, and if everything went well, we will see the information contained in the QR code.

As you can see, it is a process without any complication, since it simply requires the download of the necessary software and the use of the camera of our Android device. Now, we can read any QR code and download the applications they contain, or know any information they contain.

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